What is it all about?

Inspired by our friends from Estonia & the community of Garage48 “HACK THE CRISIS” is a virtual hackathon organised by volunteers from the Lithuanian government, corporates & startup community.

No matter your profession, we invite you to join us – we need help from experts in all fields, entrepreneurs and professionals. Please contribute your time and skills & let’s solve the crisis all together.


How can you help?

Suggest a challenge

We want to solve the challenges in health, emergency response, social distancing, citizen help, volunteering, education, economy and anything else that you see as a challenge in quarantine life! Submit your challenge now.

Solve a problem

We are inviting all the creators, IT specialists, companies, project managers & everyone to participate and show us how you would solve various challenges through creative production and application of technology.

Become a mentor

We’re looking for super-hero mentors to help the problem solvers! If you’re an expert in any field and want to share your know-how with our teams, sign-up as a mentor. We’ll help you coordinate all the processes and use your valuable time as efficiently as possible.

Become a sponsor

The hackathon is a volunteer effort to help solve some of the challenges we as a community and as a country are facing today. Let us know if your company is interested in receiving more information about sponsorship opportunities.

Join our public SLACK

Challenges & Solutions

SCI-CHAIN: The blockchain platform for sharing lab research and medical data to accelerate work on a vaccine and improve knowledge on COVID-19

In the context of COVID-19 pandemics, the time to delivery of essential data to apply countermeasures and design a vaccine is of utmost…

SPORTERINO: online sports training plaform

All of the gyms in the infected areas are closed! They had to shut down for a month in Vilnius. It takes tens…

CovidApp: map your risk against Covid-19

The spread of the COVID-19 is inevitable, but we need to act now before the virus spreads to incredible proportions, at which point…

pagalbauzsienyje.lt – Connecting Lithuanians Abroad

There are thousands of Lithuanians currently stranded abroad who cannot re-enter Lithuania at this point in time. They are in need of basic…


With reference to the latest situation report by the World Health Organization (WHO), Europe is now the epicentre of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak….

QoorioApp: beat COVID-19 isolation effects through knowledge on

600 million people are self-isolated at home. Long-term isolation can have profound physical and psychological effects. Due to mental health issues, more than…

News & Updates

PLEASE SHARE ALL THE LINKS WITH OPEN DATA BELOW THIS ARTICLE! Open data portal has some info that might be useful with regards...
The state and the public are facing unprecedented pandemic challenges. As a result, tech enthusiasts, start-up ecosystem players, and innovative businesses are inviting...


How does it work?

Submit your problems & challenges or sign up as a team that can help solve these challenges and create solutions for the crisis. Our role will be to coordinate the processes and provide all the necessary information, mentorship and contacts for your solutions.

I don't have a team. Can I join?

Yes! Please feel free to register as an individual participant and let us know what the fields of your expertise are. If we will have any teams looking for extra hands with your skills – we will let you know ASAP.

When will the hackathon take place?

Hackathon will take place ONLINE. We will announce the full agenda soon, but you can get ready for the main action to take place on the 20-22nd of March.

As this is not a traditional event and some solutions are needed right now, the most urgent cases will be solved as soon as possible.

Mentors & Supporters

The Jury

Partners & Sponsors

Dream team making it all happen


Join us and let's hack the crisis together!

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