There are thousands of Lithuanians currently stranded abroad who cannot re-enter Lithuania at this point in time. They are in need of basic assistance from temporary lodging, food, information, psychological support and general assistance.

Secondly, the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is struggling to handle the thousands of incoming emails and phone calls from Lithuanians abroad who require help. Their needs go beyond the basics such as psychological safety and reassurance that Lithuania is looking after them during these turbulent times. The call for help was published by the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on social media looking for volunteers abroad which were shared among various Lithuanian communities worldwide for more than 20 times within a day.


Lithuanians can sign themselves up as a volunteer on a web portal and flag the kind of help they can provide Lithuanians globally which pairs volunteers with Lithuanians in need based on their location.

This portal is very straightforward, thus user-friendly and mobile-ready.. An overview of all people registered on the portal is shown at a glance in a map view and as a list grouped by country. There is a possibility to send a direct message to the volunteer / or the one in need via the portal in this way protecting the personal data as it is not displayed on the portal. Upon sending out a personal message, the addressee will receive a notification by email with the contact details. A function of sending out an SMS in addition to the email is to be added later for yet faster notification of the volunteer about somebody in need. Besides that integration of social media registration is to be added for an extra layer of person authentication