The spread of the COVID-19 is inevitable, but we need to act now before the virus spreads to incredible proportions, at which point it will be too late to focus on containment. The worldwide numbers of the COVID-19 infections have topped 300 000. Measures have to be taken to lower the peak and allow the health care system to endure crisis load. To delay the epidemic peak, it is important to avoid being in the vicinity of infected people for a particular amount of time.


The Web App that allows you to check if you have met a COVID-19 infected person. By using the location history of mobile devices people can map the path and timeline with COVID-19 infected people. Given one case can bring up to 4 new cases we can take an example of 1000 cases in the particular location, where using the for locating and avoiding the virus infected people paths could potentially add 2000 instead of 4000 new cases. At the same time, people who got infected can share their path to stop the spread. If you know you can protect another 4 people by letting them know your path to avoid it, this is the simple way how you can do it. Medics need a possibility to track back and identify virus hotbeds along with people at risk so they can then reach out to them, and have them tested, and if they prove positive, ask them to seek medical help and quarantine. Our solution is an EASY tool to do this.