1 billion people worldwide are in quarantine right now, doing it for our all collective benefit – to fight the virus and save lives. But they are feeling bored, restricted, stressed, drowning in negative and chaotic information, feeling lack of socialization.


Everyone staying at home is doing so much for all of us, yet not feeling great about it. Let’s make them proud of themselves, let’s make them the heroes as they are. Our solution – a gamified viral campaign #sofahero that is based on the tasks list, to fulfil and become a hero. Each task is constructed in a way that it has an additional benefit: encourage online socialization (host online yoga with friends), educate each other (call your grandma and tell her how it’s important to stay home), fight boredom (try a new recipe), help others (offer help to senior neighbours) or are just fun (do bowling with all that toilet paper you now have).