The psychological impact of quarantine on the population can be huge, resulting in a range of mental and physical health concerns from anxiety, anger, the decline in productivity to the sleep disorder, weakened immune system, depression and much worse.

Quarantine – it is already here. And there will be much more victims than from the virus itself. It will affect every country, every workplace, every family – all of us.

Teenagers and millennials – the two most socially active and at the same time – the most affected by unexpected social isolation groups of the population.

SOLUTION: QuarActive

QuarActive is a web application for teens and millennials who unexpectedly for them ended up locked up at their homes, created to help them to maintain their mental health, daily routines and stay connected to their social circles in a positive and fun way even during the quarantine.

Unlike other usual day-to-day activity apps, through simple and fun daily tasks for users, QuarActive reflects and considers all the recommendations from the World Health Organization to people in isolation: – Keep personal daily routines – Exercise regularly – Relax and do joyful positive things – Stay connected

Moreover, it will include daily health check-ups introduced in a fun and casual way (see example pictures below).