The problem uniting all Lithuanian hospitals in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic is lack of digital hospital equipment and resource inventory system. Especially with the increasing number of clinical cases of sars-CoV-2 infected patients, the technical equipment and resources of all hospitals across the country will become critically needed, moreover personal protective equipment and antiviral medications will be exploited at an exponential rate. Today, larger cities have designated hospitals – centres that receive suspected Covid-19 cases. Unfortunately, the resources of these hospitals can be quickly exhausted as the number of Covid-19 patients increases. And then other hospitals that still have the resources to treat these patients should join the fight. But how should we know which hospitals have what resources without a unified inventory system?


The centralized system allows for quick access to the gathered data via login to the program. For the creation of new accounts, the request has to be approved by the administration in order to track the data and user creation. The following user encryption is secured via the SHA-3 and MD5 checksum encryption protocols.

The account types are split into three categories which allow for better cooperation between them that leads to better communication and all-around quick distribution.

The account types: Hospital – monitor the resources in the hospital and to give statistics about the region itself. Watcher – government organizations and personnel to monitor the spread of resources. Responder – information about the region they are working in and to monitor the patient locations.

Resources in the Region contains the data of separate hospitals, showing what current resources are available. The system allows the administration to change the current data of allocated resources and to request for more. New data can be added to the system via the panel on the right.

The responder window displays the current data of a region. The current status of resources and the spread of COVID-19 is displayed for every hospital in the region. Graphs of resource usage are also displayed on the same window.

The map window shows resource distribution between different regions which gives insight to the current situation of different regions.