“Every third elderly person in Lithuania is lonely and lives alone”… Number of elderly aged 65 and more is 550 000 people (Statistics Lithuania)

Red Cross Lithuania is mobilizing all experience and resources to fight the virus.

We extend the existing ‘Warm Visits program’(liet. Šiltų apsilankymų programa) into the S3 Project. Lithuanian Red Cross

We already work with over 200 elderly in all Lithuania We have a pool of over 200 volunteers in all Lithuania We have an experience to organize work, delivery services and spread? information in all Lithuania

S3 Project AIMS

To protect our most vulnerable populations with a focus on seniors from the spread of COVID-19 To help survive Seniors, who are ill, but not hospitalized


How to keep all process safe and effective; How to organize volunteers work to keep them engaged and motivated as well as effective; How to ensure efficient and reliable settlement and financial accounting for home delivery to a single elderly person

SOLUTION: Help for RedCross

New clear described processes and pathways possible to scale and implement in all the regions and get ready to assist.

THE PROJECT S3 Three volunteers, three elderly persons (Seniors), three months. We divide each new volunteers into groups of Three each, assigning the maximum number of Seniors to each group and coordinating tasks for them internally.

Indicators to follow: 1. Total number of Seniors we are visiting 2. Number of Seniors at the moment we are currently visiting 3. Number of contact calls or visits

The target group: · Those who are unable to get their necessary supplies to home; · Age 60+, with potential for further development into other vulnerable groups; · At the initial phase – Senior level inhabitants of Vilnius, later – expansion to other regions.

Operation of the Initial phase: · Volunteers commit for 3 months; · Groups of 3 volunteers are formed; · Assigned 3 Seniors to each group; · Grouping of volunteers and assigning Seniors goes accordingly to geographical location in order to save volunteers time and minimize the use of public transport; · We try to have at least 1 volunteer on each team who has a transport (own car) to deliver products; · The groups are responsible for splitting their tasks, constant sharing and exchanging information within the group; · Groups are managed through the Group leaders. Such leader can have and lead several groups.

Goals for volunteer groups: 1. Information to Seniors. Purpose: to make sure all Seniors you visit know how to take care and protect yourself during quarantine; where to call; what are prohibitions, bans, etc. 2. Risks management information: to be aware of the degree of Senior risk level – how much he tends to follow the rules and protect himself, how much he is against… 3. Situational monitoring: we check the situation weekly – what are their symptoms, what has changed, their psychological state etc. 4. Risk Reduction: we reduce his need for contact with other potential carriers of the virus. How we do it? We provide all the food, necessities, disinfectants and medicines, so he doesn’t have to go to bigger people’s gatherings. Feedback Every Senior can always contact the volunteers who take care of him.

Quality control: · Secretariat makes random call to selected 5% od Seniors weekly. · Controlled settlement between Seniors, volunteers and secretariat.

Communication tools Phone and a warm letter with delivered goods and tools.

Arranging the delivery of goods The Need Is recorded by phone, during a call to Senior. When the need is clear, its confirmed or sent to edit by a message to a person. The Confirmation must be received.

Providers Specific grocery shops + stores like Maxima/Lidl. Pharmacies Household shops Restaurants and cafeterias (maybe they can deliver themselves)

Possible Choices Peoples choices and prices are negotiated by phone. Confirmed by message. For simple medicine (without prescription) taken as recommended by the pharmacist. The amount of one shopping does not exceed 20 Eur.

Alternative Suppliers (Support) Food – Food Bank Warm food to them – Maltese, Caritas, private business through Sponsors

Delivery Up to 24 hours! Delivery is confirmed by taking pictures of the products and the recipient together.

PAYMENTS Customers (Seniors) prepare the most accurate amount of money and put it in the envelope which volunteer picks up together with the delivery of goods.

Use “SplitWise App”. You can count a balance and amounts left to pay in this app…

Financial Resources

  • The volunteer team is given a Card with 100 Eur for one month(from Banks, shops…);
  • The cash money which they got continuously goes back to the Card account. (Perlas Terminal)
  • The amount of money you deposit must match the amount you spend
  • Each group of volunteers keeps simple Accountancy Records (or perhaps use a program where they can organize and view order management, amounts, etc.). Splitwise App.