Pandemic situation causes new challenges that each of us have to face. Preventing physical contact during shopping journeys can help to reduce the risk for virus contamination and ensure higher safety.

  • Crowding in shops or pharmacies increase shopper’s risk of catching or spreading the virus.
  • Some products in shops may be unavailable due to increased demand, thus one can hardly know whether she/he can find the products that they are looking for.
  • One will need to visit multiple shops, thus increasing the risk of getting infected or infecting others.

SOLUTION: Got milk?

We offer an app that allows shoppers to optimize their shopping experience and by doing so to minimise the risk for virus exposure time during shopping. The application offers two main functions: 1. Helps to identify the risk for physical contact by providing the information on crowding levels at each store or pharmacy 2. Helps to optimize the time spent during shopping experience by providing the information on product/ supplies availability, as well as helps to make a purchase more efficiently

Target groups: a) Families – plan their shopping for long period (filtering shops by available products, notifications when their shopping list become available) b) Young people – have more spontaneous shopping habits (what’s available at a specific shop right now) c) Tech-savvy general population who are eager to make more optimized purchase

Features relevant to family target group: -list of nearby shops or pharmacies with an available shopping list Features relevant to young people: -what products are available at nearby shops and pharmacies -nearest shop or pharmacy with a specific product in stock Features relevant to both target groups: -notifications when the user’s desired products become available to buy -how busy are nearby shops