Develop a quality assurance system for learning, monitoring and evaluating education programs through an IT distance learning platform in order to achieve set goals of Ministry of Education, Science and Sport according to the national plan for “LifeLong Learning” and be able to control more than 400.000 active users.
Following the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic by the World Health Organization, schools in many parts of the world are forced to slow down their education process and announce school holidays or provide a distance learning solution.


Use a distance learning platform based on “Open edX” that enables distance education for all people in need with ensured quality of learning and control solutions. Open edX platform is innovative, real time and on demand, flexible, available on any device any screen (such as tablets, mobiles, iOs, Android), convenient for any age, scalable country wide. The educational process should effectively apply information technology (IT) capabilities and reveal the personal inclinations and talents of each learner.

Distance learning democratizes education and provides access to quality education and helps to solve the following problems:

  • Unite all Lithuanian people worldwide;
  • Ensuring quality education in the regions and reducing social exclusion;
  • Every kid or student can learn from the top teachers all around the world;
  • The need for lifelong learning when adults need to improve their skills and / or competences;
  • Provides opportunities for harder, slower learners to catch up with their peers through independent learning;
  • Better integrate students with special educational needs (autism spectrum disorder, mobility disability, etc.)
  • Enables teachers to cooperate with each other;
  • Provide opportunities for independent learning for those traveling a lot, for hospital or sanatorium use, during illnesses and during any epidemics.

Main benefits of the system

  • The best fit for the Lithuania needs and size;
  • Open edX platform is an open-source solution developed and used by the best and strongest Universities, successfully used by Fortune 500 companies;
  • The platform provides immense security mechanisms to ensure data and personal details are safe due to highest Cybersecurity standards;
  • Fast launch – system can be launched in no time with available resources in Lithuania;
  • Intuitive and interactive user interface for teachers and students;
  • Engaging learning experience via an interactive Laboratory;
  • Government could guide citizens for lifelong learning;
  • Use big data to improve education efficiency and speed.