Everybody should stay at home to stop spreading the virus. But there is no possibility to order food. Barbora and rimi shops offer to order food online, but when you go to their web pages, you will see, that all the order-times are booked out. So there is no way you could order food and have to go to shop yourself.

SOLUTION: co-delivery.lv

SOLUTION: Co-delivery

We have developed a website that will ensure same-day virus-free delivery of grocery products. Co-Delivery will bring together the costumers and deliverers and will bake ordering food very easy and fast.

To get Co-Delivery done faster, We need financial support to pay for the developers. The delevopers are working hard, but the work is tough, because it has to be very fast. If we get this part done, we could launch the website and get startet in 2-3 days.