Today only 1 of 10000 people being tested for Corona virus. While we all feel unsafe and would like to know if “I’m infected or not” as well as our Governments would like to know how is infected and where.


We give opportunity to everyone, wherever you are to check if you are infected or not simply by calling from your phone and speaking into it.

Our voice recognition software compare your voice against voice of infected people and gives you instant result: your chance of being infected or not.

  • Our solution can be used from anywhere
  • You get result immediately
  • It is suitable for elderly people without smartphone
  • Governments can monitor entire population (not only time part of it)
  • It will remove unnecessary flow of calls and visits
  • Can be scaled easily
  • Inexpensive to implement

During the Hackaton:

  • Found professional team members (PHD and Voice Recognition expert of 13 yrs, Medical Doctor)
  • Found scientific research: scientifically proven ways to identify pneumonia with voice recording
  • Found out two companies globally (Israel 9M funding, Denmark 2.1 M funding) who already use similar solutions and approaches for cardio disease and cardiac arrest identification
  • Launched web site for voice record collection and started gathering recordings
  • Got contact of 2 COVID19 patients
  • Our voice expert Ana and doctor Gintas got samples on for regular cough and pneumonia cases coughs and now work comparing to find voice markers for algorithms and A.I.
  • Discussed with NVSC collaboration after ministry approval