We are solving 3 problems:

  • There is no intuitive and clear visualisation to monitor which public places were visited by confirmed infection cases and at the same time to assess your risk using information verified by trusted doctors.
  • People do not know how the majority of people behave during the quarantine, and this prevents crowd effect which would lead to more people following the quarantine recommendations.
  • People do not have an option to validate their actions during quarantine and get recommendations personalised to them.

SOLUTION: Tracking Virus Not People

Easy and fast calculation of your risk from past location visits. Easy way to share and encourage others with your positive behavior Personalised recommendations on how to better follow the quarantine.

We encourage people who follow the quarantine recommendations properly and spend the majority of their time at home, to share their results on social media. This will create a social spread of our website for other people to check their results as well.