The challenge we are solving came directly as a need from the National Public Health Center (NVSC).

Currently, in Lithuania, there are 400+ high-risk persons in quarantine identified as the ones that have been in contact with COVID-19 patients. This number is rapidly growing with each new case. Medical staff and volunteers in the National Public Health Center (NVSC) are overloaded with the enormous effort required to monitor the status of health and self-isolation of each person on a daily basis (see Clause 7 of the national law act document V-352).

The current process is manual. It’s slow and inefficient. Staff needs to onboard, train and coordinate volunteers constantly. High-risk groups don’t get the required attention. Medical care system is getting overwhelmed.

Work overload Lack of resources Inefficient communication Manual repetitive inputs No required attention.


Our solution is “SherLOCK at home”. It is a unified place to coordinate communication between medical staff in the National Public Health Center (NVSC) and registered high-risk people in quarantine. The main purpose of SherLOCK @home is to relieve the workload of NVSC employees and volunteers by helping to monitor the status of health and self-isolation of each high-risk person in quarantine on a daily basis by an automated reach-out to them via chatbot-based questionnaire and by providing all the gathered data on a visual dashboard so the staff could see the overall situation and focus on urgent cases only.

That’s how it works. Let’s say, you’ve been identified as a high-risk potential person due to contact with Covid-19 positive patient. Medical staff and volunteers at the NVSC contact you and register as a high-risk person to be monitored in SherLOCK @home system. You get a code for SherLOCK@home App and use the chatbot-based questionnaire daily to answer about your health status. Medical care gets your daily inputs and monitors your health. They are notified if you didn’t register that day. And you get a reminder. Medical care gets a red flag when your inputs show abnormal or worsening symptoms like sudden high temperature or intensive coughing. SherLOCK @home coordinates communication and ensures the right information is routed to the right person at the right time.

The main elements of SherLOCK@home solution are the following:

System interface with a visual dashboard for NVSC, used to enter and monitor the health state of all the registered high-risk persons in quarantine: to track user’s status, get urgent alerts of sudden parameter’s changes and take required actions. The system prioritizes the list of registered persons so the staff would see the ones who really need urgent attention – the ones whose health state got worse or the ones who do not respond. The chatbot-based App is used by registered and quarantined people as a self-service tool to submit a periodic status update on their health, providing responses to a health state-related questionnaire on a daily basis. Data is stored at the database, the chatbot is connected via API.