There are 11.000.000 visits to general practice doctors in Lithuania annually. They are inconvenient and time wasting, while 70% of them could not be that way if done online. If that wasn’t enough, in the heat of the Corona-virus pandemic patients can’t even get that. Only phone calls are left.


A remote healthcare platform: Apple and Android apps for patients and healthcare specialist to allow communication between them as if they were having a doctor’s appointment at the clinic. Our apps include:

1. Unambiguous Patient identification

2. Text and Video communication

3. Integration with already existing healthcare infrastructure for remote online prescriptions remote medical certificates of absence * and remote referrals to specialists doctors

In addition we will be offering integration with pharmacy chains so that medication could be prescribed, ordered and delivered to the patient without ever leaving the app.

Corona-virus is everyone’s concern right now, but we’re forgetting that there are people with ordinary illnesses that are being forgot by the system. That’s where we can help!

In essence our solution lightens up the load for the healthcare system in these hard times and gives patients a safer way to get medical assistance.

After the crisis is over we will become a cheapest (while most of time being free), fastest and most convenient way to get a doctor’s appointment.