There is currently a lack of one-stop-shop for trustworthy and up to date local/regional information about the crisis situation. In crisis situations, there is also a lack of social activities available to those, who are self-isolating, and lack of information about the available help, around them. Small and medium businesses, such as restaurants, cafeterias are having shortage and a hard time keeping business running.


We have created a platform that allows users to retrieve fundamental data. The platform is based on location, thus they can communicate with their neighbours, with channels in their region, or create their own groups (e.g. colleagues). This way we’re solving the problem of disinformation and the lack of communication that people have, while self-isolating. We also have created a possibility to anyone create their own offers on the map. Whether it’s providing with fresh fruits, delivering items from shop or coffee from the cafeteria — people can easily access this information at one place.