Currently, we have 1 bil. people locked down in their homes. Meaning almost 300 mln. kids are not going to schools and socially distancing. That’s a problem, because:

  • Nowadays rates of anxiety disorders and depression are rising among children and long social distance can cause many mental health issues.
  • To keep children mentally healthy we (parents) need to engage with them and keep socially active. But it’s not easy to do, we can‘t find useful informal education activities in one place.


One place for all informal education activities. With our solution parents and kids can:

  • Find online activities in one place
  • Filter information according to their preferences, to find those activities that fit their needs
  • Effective planning – live events in your calendar

This would also address:

  • Multicultural dimension – possibility to join international events without leaving your home
  • Inclusion – possibility to join for children with disabilities Climate change – we can learn and play together without flying to each other
  • Connectivity – platform for teachers, children and parents from around the world for digital content.

Solution impact: With 300 mln children at home we see huge potential for our solution further development as parents need to find ways how to ensure the mental health of their children due to crisis and at the same time keep them engaged and socially active without physical presence. Furthermore, children need to continue informal education and learning process as this crisis might last a few months if not year. With this solution, informal education might raise the bar from an environmental perspective and after the crisis continue to be organized from the distance (online), decrease traffic jams, commuting time and etc.