“needHelp” – a fully-automated telephone line that collects the requests from the elderly and passes it to the volunteer organisations. The service is supported by the help of a chatbot (which can be accessed by a simple SMS). When our chatbot gets all the required information (Person’s name, address, telephone no. & the help/task description), he then automatically creates a new task at a management platform, called “trello”. Also, for those who are keen on technology, we’ve also created a website, that lets you fill in the form there as well. The chatbot is currently supporting 4 languages (lt, en, lv, ru), so anyone speaking this language may get the help he needs. The tasks are passed to and completed by the volunteer groups. The telephone line is currently working and you may reach it by typing Labas/Hello/Здравствуйте/Sveiki to +37066802210.

SOLUTION: needHelp

We expect that such a solution will help the volunteer groups to get more requests and manage the tasks more effectively. We have already reached out to these volunteer groups and we were told that they could accept more requests. We also believe that by minimising the need for the elderly to go out in public places, we will minimize the impact of the coronavirus harm in general. Also, the elderly that do not have access to the internet, may also reach out to local volunteers by sending a simple SMS (+37066802210). In the end, we have a broad target market of more than 740 thousand elderly people in Lithuania alone (aged 60+). Therefore, if we could help at least 1% of them, we would still have an impact on thousands of elderly people. Also, after the crisis ends, this application could be used for the general support for the people with help in need.