In the face of the current crisis, many people are not only worried about the risks of being diagnosed with Covid-19, but also concerned about the lack of help and guidance with their health. The later arises due to cancellation of outpatient care visits and promoted isolation. Additionally, home-quarantined healthcare professionals, even if asymptomatic, do not have a way to continue serving the society in this crucial time, too. Therefore, there is a clear indication for a system that would serve the need of remote health consultations with health.

SOLUTION: New Digital Care

NDcare serves people seeking medical care or advice by providing an interactive approach to symptom analysis, guidance for self-care interventions, platform for remote communication with a healthcare professional, and a covid-19 assessment with in-app referrals to the National hotline and further list of screening stations, if this condition suspected. Simply said – it helps remotely connect those with health concerns with available doctors and pharmacists.

As the current crisis has impaired the delivery of primary healthcare services and access to healthcare professionals, the general population risks to suffer from covid-19, and also from other conditions due to late diagnosis and lack of management. The solution proposed by our NDCare team would greatly impact the sector of healthcare during the crisis and long-term, too. It would not only empower every person with health concerns to check one’s symptoms and potentially manage them using the guidance of our evidence-based up-to-date self-care intervention guide, but also serve as a platform to remotely communicate with a healthcare professional (physician/pharmacists) to discuss symptoms and treatment. Regarding the users that would be assessed as suspects for covid-19, in-app referral would be made for calling the National hotline 1808, followed by instructions on how to behave and the nearby locations of screening stations. The system would also empower quarantined asymptomatic healthcare professionals, who would be able to serve their community by having remote consultations through the NDcare platform.