One of the biggest challenges for countries battling the virus is the overload of the healthcare system, amongst other factors, by the population concerned that they might have the virus. At the same time, the capacities of testing facilities and the supply of tests are limited and thus there is a need to clearly differentiate between those who have to get tested immediately and those who might wait or do not need testing at the given moment.

SOLUTION: Lympo Stop Corona

This is where Lympo public health app could make a big difference. Lympo motivates healthy lifestyle, namely answering health-related survey questions, reading relevant healthy lifestyle information and then answering quiz questions and recording daily health metrics such as the number of hours slept, water intake, steps, heart rate etc. via a fun, gamified and engaging rewards engine. Lympo users get points for entering the information, answering survey questions, monitoring their healthy lifestyle-related data, remembering the material provided in the app and then can spend these points in the in-app shop for various discounts codes and free products. This tool ensures high engagement rates and consistent data patterns. The adjunct blockchain-powered data exchange platform allows P2P data access for which the users also get rewarded in a case when, for example, a public health authority, a pharmaceutical company or a research organisation want to access this precious data.