Malevolent actors are using the Corona crisis for various crimes – starting with spreading false information and rumors, ending with cyberattacks on various institutions, organisations and individuals. Thousands of people start acting on false recommendations when fake news go viral. Ransomware which is estimated to have a global damage costing organizations $11.5 billion in 2019 is spiking with the news related to the Corona virus and people starting to work from home.


NRD Cyber security created a tool (we call it IntEye) which helps with monitoring of world wide news in various countries. IntEye automatically gathers news from hundreds of thousands of sources around the globe and provides analytical dashboards for crisis monitoring to help governmental crisis management teams identify potential threats (e.g. fake news, potential new cases mentioned, country citizens with cases mentioned abroad, cyber threats related to the virus situation, etc.), and investigate them to be able to react as soon as possible.