Currently there are 2 million people in Lithuania who are in quarantine, having to stay indoors to prevent the spreading of corona virus. But people still need to complete essential tasks like taking a dog for a walk, buying groceries, water and medications. Videos and pictures on the internet show people exposing themselves and others by going out, to complete these tasks, while potentially spreading the virus. The number of new corona virus cases grew by 200 percent in Lithuania during the past 3 days. The problem is clear – people need to stay home, particularly the ones showing symptoms, elderly and those who are more vulnerable to the virus. Our platform will help to solve this problem while also sustaining essential human needs.

SOLUTION: FavourFavour

We propose an incentivized platform where people can register to complete favours like:

  • grocery shopping
  • getting deliveries (medication, post office)
  • taking a dog for a walk for others

The people offering help are like volunteers, but we propose an incentive for those offering help. The key advantages of this are:

  • People can stay indoors without worrying about these essential tasks like grocery shopping and the volunteers can be rewarded with Karma points for their help.
  • Depending on the amount of favours a volunteer has done he can get different levels of rewards, this logic is explained in the ‘incentivization system’ chapter.