Most people who contract COVID-19 will only experience mild symptoms, a person can be a carrier of COVID-19 without realising it. This is especially true for younger demographics, more technologically-savvy.

SOLUTION: Horion Digital hacks the corona!

Through this app, we hope to flatten the curve by targeting younger demographics that may not know they are carriers of COVID-19.

This app allows users to verify if they were exposed to COVID-19 anywhere in the world. As a result, we hope to encourage users to self isolate and stop the spread of COVID-19.

We haven’t done any work before the weekend. During the weekend we:

  • built a working algorithm that assesses the level of an individual’s exposure
  • built a working API that allows to access and use the algorithm via multiple channels
  • built a mobile app that acts as a proof-of-concept of one of the possible channels the API could be used