The average vaccine discovery time takes minimum 14 months, about 0.5 billion dollar investment, and over 2000 people trying hundreds of formulas to see if it kills the virus.


We created a gamified research tool employing crowd-workers to teach an AI, to find similarities from previous vaccine formulas and find new formula candidates. While being up to 12 months faster and with 10x less science workers.

The algorithm behind our tool is validated by scientists from Denmark Technical University and wide accepted on the scientific community. Scientific article:

This all possible thanks to our team, consisting of a former immunology research that has developed vaccines in the past, one biochemist, two UX designers, one experienced game designer, and two business developers.

  • We have launched 4 marketing campaigns with the average user acquisition price of €0,10
  • Improving the marketing strategy to lower acquisition price in order to win market share
  • We will contact universities in Brazil, Denmark and USA to become partners in promoting our research tool as part of their research program
  • We will become part of the CitizenScience global organization (, a major player connecting researchers and institutions around the world
  • Contact major pharmaceuticals as potential customers to acquire our vaccine formula. Apply for government and EU grants