During this unique crisis people have hundreds of questions, but don’t really know where to get the answers. There are just too many different sources and sometimes fake news spread even faster than the virus. European Union warns us about misinformation, Facebook groups are full of questionable posts and even journalists eventually publish information which appears not to be correct. If people want to get official answers, they try reaching out to the Corona hotlines, but those hotlines are too busy answering simple questions so getting through sometimes can seem as an impossible task. And things are worse at government support channels, they need help, so do the citizens.

SOLUTION: Wise Humans

We have developed viLTė virtual agent, a chatbot powered by AI, that can understand different types of questions and provide people with official information in Lithuanian or English to guarantee trustworthy and accurate answers. Our State digital employee works 24/7 and responds thousands of questions at the same time on topics like corona virus, travel restrictions, state support for entrepreneurs, unemployment, education, and more. viLTė will take the heavy load so public employees can focus on the difficult questions where we humans make a difference, not on the easy and repetitive ones.

We estimate that during the first weeks viLTė can automate 50% of the questions coming to the support channels and much more after two months, while reducing the effort of the state crisis support team. We believe all Lithuanians will contact viLTė during the next months and in many opportunities. This will be a long battle and viLTė will be there to help and fight this together. viLTė will increase knowledge and reduce anxiety of people. A battle that is better fought with the right information and we humans focus on doing what we are good at, leaving the machines to help with the rest.