Currently the patients that need to extend their recipes, sick leave or need to consult a doctor are not able to do so or are very limited without physical interaction with doctor. On the other hand the doctors are also quarantined and do not have a possibility to give consultations remotely, even though that would be more than enough as all the other procedures, like medicine recipe and sick leave can be issued remotely.

SOLUTION: vikings

Website where patient can choose between: 1. Urgent call 2. Register for consultation. In the first case, patient will fill a short form by clicking on a checkbox with symptoms that he/she have and will be redirected to our platform and go through a 2 step identification process. After this doctor will get automatically pre-filled all the information from the identification among with patient symptoms and online video conversation will start. In the second case, patient will have a possibility to choose the specialisation of a doctor and the doctor, afterwards similar to the urgent call case, patient will mark symptoms in a short form and go through short remote identification process after which will be redirected back to the webpage with confirmation that remote consultation was successfully booked. We created a solution that helps to avoid physical contacts when they are not needed. Also our solution is scalable and can be launched live for any existing project or as stand-alone within extremely short period of time.