Around 5000 small restaurants in Baltics are experiencing still income drop due to COVID-19 crisis. Some of them being closed while others running on low income. That puts at risk around 50 000 employees and business owners who can be left without income during the next months. If online tools for delivery and online purchase can help some of the restaurants, around 80% of them will not be tailored for the delivery or take-out business model. Many of the restaurants are providing experience, while online delivery is mostly about good price and expensive marketing.


Our solution is to provide local restaurants with some running income during the COVID-19 outbreak to cover their fixed costs. To achieve that Localun has developed a web-based online platform where local communities can purchase gift cards and make donations to their favourite restaurants and cafés. Restaurants will be asked to upload their story in a form of video and describe how much money do they need to survive these hard times as well as what costs they aim to cover. Localun will ensure initial background check for each business to avoid fraud or businesses who were on the edge of bankruptcy even before the COVID-19 came into play. When restaurant successfully launches a campaign on the Localun, it can start receiving donations and payments for gift cards right away. By that, small businesses can keep some revenue coming in and welcome their guests once the life gets back to normal.