Coronavirus has changed all aspects of our social life. The education process is no exception. Quarantine has forced all schools to close and, starting the 30th March, all learning will be conducted only remotely. However, around 35.000 children in Lithuania will not be able to access education online, since there’s no computer in their households.


We are calling for socially responsible businesses to donate their old yet still perfectly working computers or tablets to schools.

To enable that we have:

  • created a professional, uniquely branded website, where IT companies can register as hardware donors. The website has quotes from industry and education sector professionals
  • established a pipeline with the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports: when companies register, all the information goes directly to the project managers within it. Also, the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation are the project’s partners
  • contacted 200+ (and counting) CEO, CTO and similar level top managers in Lithuanian IT companies directly, through our network to introduce the need.
  • secured a pledge to donate hardware from 10 companies and counting

Most importantly, our solution will help kids without access to education. We believe that we can collect at least 5.000 computers for donation. If there are multiple schoolchildren in the household, we could help twice that number.

Not only would this help to solve the crisis we have right now but also we will equip those children with computers for life after quarantine as well. And that means higher IT literacy in Lithuania years from now.