Challenge |Consolidating and sharing know-how and key actors in non-invasive ventilation (NIV) for COVID-19 patients in the intensive care units (ICU)

Context | Lack of lung ventilators in critical care units is one of the key bottlenecks in treating patients with COVID-19 (coronavirus). Helmet-based ventilation saves lives, funds, shortens ICU stays for patients who need mechanical ventilation and can be used on step-down units. Clinicians in different countries are not equally familiar with this method, and they could benefit greatly from the most recent pandemic response frontline experience, in particular from the countries like China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Italy etc. More context info, updated continuously, Among others, Santara ICU in Vilnius already used this method. 

Possible solutions | Tools to augment and automate with laser focus on this particular niche (i) collecting contacts of clinicians and hospital leaders worldwide to contribute to a short questionnaire; (ii) syndicating high-quality science, evidence and practice -based know how on NIV for COVID-19 patients; (iii) Platform -data base which connects possible suppliers, availability of supply (quantities, prices, logistics channels), identifies actual demand from hospitals, clinics and other main institutions which are front liners in this crisis, and available financial resources. 

We are inviting: ICU clinicians, hospital and healthcare leaders, NIV helmet producers, programmers, front end developers, web designers, process optimizers, content managers, marketing managers, and all-rounders who could collaborate to solve this issue. Participate here:

Do you have an idea on how to solve a challenge but don’t want to participate in the hackathon? Email us or post your ideas below and let someone else in the community implement them!