Challenge | Creative learning ideas for kids of different ages at home

Context | Virtual schooling broke into our lives sooner than everyone expected. In response to the situation the government, teachers and parents were forced to look for online learning tools immediately. Many of them chose to start online lessons in chats of social media, others tried video lessons in the platform “Discord”. Many issues have come up, especially for parents who live with three or more children. How to share one computer if there are different age school kids at home? How to ensure the quality of learning process when all of them have different lessons at the same time?

However, there is another way to look at this situation. This could be a chance to innovate our methods of learning and encourage pupils to learn in a more entrepreneurial way, encouraging them to develop problem solving and creativity skills.  Could this also be a push to have a generation of young social entrepreneurs?

The teams with the most feasible ideas will have the opportunity to take advantage of „ChangeMakers‘ON“ accelerator: to have individual consultations and get funding to buy needed equipment for a new workplace. 

Possible solutions | Creative education ideas how to learn theory of math/ history, geography or other things in practice (to make workshops at home), to collaborate with entrepreneurs and share their computers from empty offices with children, use computer’s station and cloud for few computers and much more. Do you have a better idea or would like to implement some already suggested? Participate here:

Do you have an idea on how to solve a challenge but don’t want to participate in the hackathon? Email us or post your ideas below and let someone else in the community implement them!